Our Response to the Coronavirus

During this global health crisis, we realize that we are called to fervent intercessory prayer, begging Our Merciful Lord to bestow healing and consolation upon all those suffering in any way. We are more aware than ever what an immense privilege it is to be able to assist at Mass each day in our chapel and to receive Holy Communion, offering this prayer for so many who are currently unable to do so.

This spiritual communion song is for all of you who long for Jesus. May we deepen in awareness of His abiding presence as we anticipate receiving Him again in the Eucharist -- for "this too shall pass."


Homily from May 10, 2020

...our Lord says, in all this that you see, focus on this - you have faith in God, you have faith also in Me.

Homily from May 8, 2020

Heavenly Father, we wish to come to Your house.

Homily from May 6, 2020

In some moment we have to become real. Real in the work of the Church. Real in the work of God.

Homily from May 5, 2020

We aspire to live up to our call as Christian.

Homily from May 4, 2020

Once the will of the Father had been established, Jesus embraced the cross... we pray for that same virtue, that same docility to the will of the Father.

Homily from May 1, 2020 - St. Joseph the Worker

We pray for that same docility for perserverance, for that supernatural outlook in these difficult and strange, extraordinary times.

Although students are not physically present in the buildings, our Catholic Schools are not closed. Our Sister administrators and teachers, alongside their devoted colleagues, continue our apostolate of forming Christ in our students and helping them to learn and to grow, now in an “alternative learning environment”. We are supporting parents, who are the primary educators of their children, by using creative methods to provide home access to needed educational materials. Emails, phone calls, and online learning platforms have allowed us to stay connected to our school families and students.

Recently a Sister was checking-in with one of her second grade students on the phone. When asked how her day was going, the little girl replied, “Well, I got up and watched Mass.” How beautiful that this child, who was used to attending mass at the beginning of each school day with her classmates, was continuing this routine as best as she could from home! While we greatly miss seeing our staff, students, and school families face-to-face, we are grateful that we are still able to accompany one another on this journey.

At 3:00 each afternoon, we gather to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Each day we also ask Mary to intercede for the world during this time. She is our Queen and Mother who provides tenderness and comfort during this moment of trial. Join us and those around the world in praying the rosary for an end to the coronavirus.

Click here to commit you and/or your family to praying a rosary each day