Stages of Formation

HistoryDiscerner: Pre-entrance program at the Discernment House provides opportunities to become more acquainted with the prayer, spirit and work of the Sisters.

Postulant: During this stage of continued discernment, postulants live at the Discernment House and spend time deepening a life of prayer and service while learning about the life of the Sisters. This stage often includes opportunity for observation and service at our schools.

Novice: A 2-year program; the novice receives the habit of the community and a religious name, studies the constitutions and customs of the community, deepens a life of prayer and love for God, and becomes more deeply a contemplative; the first year is spent at the Motherhouse while the second year consists of integrating the contemplative dimension of the lives of the Sisters with the apostolic zeal that is manifest in their apostolate of Catholic education.


Sister in First Vows: Normally the 5 years after the first profession of the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience that are renewed yearly; the Sister continues her education and is assigned an apostolic mission in the Catholic schools when her education is complete.


Perpetually Professed Sister: the stage of on-going formation which begins after perpetual profession and continues until death; the Sister continues to strive to incorporate her contemplative mission with her apostolic zeal while deepening her love for and commitment to the community.